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You’ve landed on this page because you’ve been a member of The Conrail Historical Society in the past six years. Whether you left for a reason or simply forgot to renew, here is a whole list of reasons to rejoin one of the most active railroad historical societies in the U.S.:

  • Magazine - Every annual membership includes four issues of our acclaimed 32-page full-color magazine (the Conrail Quarterly) covering all things Conrail. Including history, photos, and ongoing preservation updates, the Conrail Quarterly is THE source for anything related to “Big Blue.”

  • Events - The CRHS hosts four major events each year (one each quarter) exclusively for its membership. With locations ranging from Maryland to Ohio, you won’t want to miss our trackside barbecues (“Rail-B-Qs”), historic presentations, and the camaraderie of your fellow Conrail enthusiasts!

  • Equipment - The CRHS has partnered with the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, MD to restore Conrail SW7 8905 to a proper coat of blue. This project is nearing completion, and the 8905 will be the first restored, preserved, and operational Conrail locomotive anywhere in the world. Additionally, The CRHS still owns its caboose (N7E 21165), which is fully restored and in operating condition on the Allentown & Auburn Railroad in Kutztown, PA.

  • Artifacts - The CRHS’s former Pennsylvania Railroad signal from Horseshoe Curve is being restored to operating condition. Once completed, it will be publicly displayed alongside a beautifully restored Penn Central boxcar at the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail’s trailhead in Shippensburg, PA.

  • Archives - The CRHS’s archives have grown and are being cataloged by a dedicated team of volunteers. Our staff are now able to field members’ research requests, and often we have just the document or map that can answer all of your most elusive Conrail questions!

  • Photos - Our online photo archive continues to grow and be a resource to CRHS members. If you’re looking for a photo of Conrail equipment, our photo archive should be your first stop.

  • Shoppe - The CRHS’s Conrail Shoppe is THE destination for your Conrail merchandise needs. Fully revamped on January 1, 2019, the new Shoppe features all of the Conrail books, shirts, and stickers to fill your “Big Blue” craving, all at heavily discounted prices! Sales from the Conrail Shoppe directly benefit The CRHS’s Conrail preservation efforts.

  • Support - Our non-profit preservation efforts depend exclusively on the support of our members. All of The CRHS’s staff are volunteers, but our members are the ones who truly make it possible for us to continue bringing Conrail’s rich history to new audiences now and in the future. Your membership dollars directly benefit our magazine, our archives, and our restoration projects.

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Annual CRHS memberships start at just $25 a year. Click here to rejoin today!