The CRHS is partnering with the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore, MD to restore the museum’s operating SW7 to its authentic Conrail colors. BOMX #1200 was once Conrail #8905, and the museum has enlisted The CRHS’s help to restore the locomotive and pay homage to Conrail’s operational history in Baltimore. 


The two organizations have raised over $6,000 through a joint fundraising campaign, which will cover the extensive surface preparation and all of the paint materials for the new paint job in 2019 (all labor will be supplied by B&O Railroad Museum staff and volunteers). Any additional funds that are not used for the paint job will be placed into an account dedicated solely to the maintenance and upkeep of the #8905, which is the regular power for the museum’s excursions.

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Conrail SW7 #8905 is in Buffalo, NY on March 29, 1987. (John C. Benson photo, J. B. Kerr collection)

History of the 8905

Quick Facts:

Model: SW7
Built: November 19, 1950
Builder: Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors (GM)
Engine: EMD 567A V12 diesel with roots-blown turbocharger
Horsepower: 1,200
Owners: Peoria & Eastern, Penn Central, Conrail, Reading & Northern, B&O Railroad Museum

BOMX #1200 is an SW7 switcher locomotive, built by the Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors (GM) in Cleveland, OH on November 19, 1950 (serial #13013, frame #6174-2). It was originally owned by the Peoria & Eastern Railway (P&E) as their #8905, and operated for this New York Central Railroad (NYC) subsidiary company in Illinois. The P&E #8905 was the second of seven identical switchers ordered by the P&E under EMD order #6174. These locomotives were originally P&E/NYC class DES-14g, but were reclassed ES-12 in 1966 in preparation for the Penn Central merger.

When the New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroad merged on February 1, 1968, the P&E #8905 became Penn Central Transportation Company (PC) #8905. With the Penn Central’s bankruptcy and subsequent creation of the Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail, or CR) on April 1, 1976, PC #8905 became Conrail #8905.

On March 3, 1989, Conrail sold the locomotive to the Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad (RBMN), which operated several former Conrail coal branches out of Port Clinton, PA. The locomotive became RBMN #1200, a reference to its 1,200 horsepower. It operated on the RBMN until 2002, when it was retired from the active roster.

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum (BOMX) purchased the locomotive in 2004 as a general use engine for the museum’s rail operations. It was painted later that year into a unique museum paint scheme, emerging as BOMX #1200. It has been the museum’s regular excursion power ever since, carrying thousands of young rail enthusiasts along the oldest rail line in America during the museum’s annual holiday and special event celebrations.

In late 2017, the B&O Railroad Museum approached The Conrail Historical Society to inquire about the availability of diagrams and other paint information, as they explored returning the locomotive to its authentic Conrail colors. This inquiry evolved into a full-fledged joint fundraising effort to make the #8905 into the first restored and operational Conrail locomotive in the world.