The Conrail Historical Society, Inc was established to encourage the writing, collection and preservation of historical and contemporary material associated with Conrail in particular, and the American Railroad Systems in general, and to preserve the heritage of Conrail and predecessor railroads by acquiring, restoring, and preserving materials associated with Conrail.

The CRHS's Preservation Activities

The Conrail Historical Society is serious about the preservation of Conrail's history. Our activities include the acquisition and preservation of Conrail equipment and documents. Our historical equipment collection is highlighted by CR 21165, an N7E class Conrail caboose currently being restored in Topton, PA. The CRHS is also working on building an archive of Conrail artifacts, including photo and paper documentation.

Learn about 21165 | View our Online Photo Archives

Recent Additions to Our Photo Archives:

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