Community outreach is the most effective method for growing our Society and furthering its mission. If you’re looking for a great way to contribute to The CRHS, we’re always looking for CRHS Ambassadors to attend the plethora of local railroad hobby shows throughout Conrail’s operating territory.

CRHS Ambassadors represent the Society at these shows with a variety of printed materials and information regarding the Society’s mission, activities and events, and membership, as well as opportunities to volunteer on various projects. Selection of which shows to attend is based on the CRHS Ambassador’s availability and suggestions. For each train show appearance, the CRHS Ambassador is supplied with:

  • 50 CRHS brochures
  • 25 CRHS membership forms
  • A blue vinyl tablecloth
  • Printed sheets featuring the CRHS logo/website, Shoppe examples, the Quarterly, and other preservation projects
  • For the first show, package includes one free CRHS t-shirt (to be worn at the show); for subsequent show appearances, package includes $10 Visa pre-paid card as a “thank you” for representing the CRHS

The CRHS also covers the cost of the vendor space at the train show, and the cost of admission for the CRHS Ambassador and a guest (usually included in the vendor space cost). The CRHS Ambassador arrives before the show to set up their CRHS table, and serves as a liaison for the Society until the show closes. They maintain a neat, professional appearance for themselves, their vendor space, and the Society as a whole. CRHS Ambassadors actively provide information to show attendees about the Society and solicit new memberships. They will not handle money or sell merchandise or memberships – CRHS Ambassadors simply provide information and membership forms for subsequent mailing or online submittal.

This is a great way to gain free access to major train shows in your area while also contributing to the CRHS, even if you live outside of the Society’s most active regions. If you are interested in becoming a CRHS Ambassador, fill out our application form by clicking here: 

CRHS Ambassador Application Form

If you have a suggestion for a train show that you feel would be appropriate for yourself or another CRHS Ambassador to attend, please submit the show’s information by clicking here:

CRHS Train Show Suggestion Form