Surviving GP10s

The Conrail GP10 fleet originally began their lives as EMD GP9's built for a variety of roads in the early fifties. Conrail, with hundreds of units lined up in graveyards and in dire need for reliable power decided to begin a GP rebuild program.
The railroad selected the Illinois Central Gulf RR's Paducah, KY shop to perform the work in 1976. At Paducah, the short hood high noses were chopped for better visibility and the control stands were set up for the new short hood lead operation. The prime movers were overhauled and all former GP9's received 567C's. Air filter work was also performed, outfitting the new Geeps with Dynacell paper air filters. Sixteen GP10's were released during the third quarter of 1976 sporting CR paint and numbered 7560-7575.

59 GP9's were sent out for rebuilding in 1978 split between Paducah, Morrison Knudsen and Precision National Corporation in Mount Vernon, IL. This was the first rebuilding program PNC had undertaken and after the 6th unit, Conrail terminated the PNC contract due to quality and delivery issues. The remainder of PNC's contract was given to Paducah for completion. The same work, electrical and mechanical, was done and by early 1979 Morrison Knudsen turned out 17 units (7513-7529), PNC 6 (7530-7537) and 36 from Paducah (7545-7597). Road numbers 7532, 7536, 7538-7544, were never used.

Nearly the entire class was retired between 1995 and 1996 with the last half dozen finally retiring in early 1997. Countless GP10's have gone on to perform service for shortlines, industrials and regional railroads. They can be found here, in our survivor album.

Bloomer Line(BLOL) 7549(ex CR 7549) at Gibson City, IL on August 25, 1997. This engine's history is ex CR 7549, ex CR 7343, ex PC 7515, ex NYC 7515, nee NYC 5943. Even though I shot this engine in 1997, it still exists today(2010) in operation on the Bloomer Line.
Bloomer Line(BLOL) 7561 (ex CR 7561) at Gibson City, IL on August 25, 1997. This engines history is ex CR 7561, ex CR 7402, ex PC 7402, ex NYC 7402, nee NYC 6002. Even though I shot this engine in 1997, its still in operation today(2010) on the Bloomer Line.
Far from it's original working territory, Farmers Elevator Co-op GP-10 7558 is the former CR 7558/ PRR 7038. It was in Julesburg, Colorado in August 2008.
LANO 57 (CR 7557) seen leading a local at Sinking Spring PA in 1999.
Former CR 7568 (GP10 rebuild) is seen at Larry's Truck and Electric at McDonald, OH on 9/25/10. Photo taken during the 2010 CRHS convention.
Former Conrail 7582 (GP10 rebuild) in Quality paint is seen at Larry's Truck and Electric at McDonald, OH on 9/25/10. Photo was taken during the 2010 CRHS convention.
OHCR GP10 7586(ex CR 7586, ex CR 7238, ex PC 7238, nee PRR 7238) sits in the diesel pit at NS East Wayne yard in New Haven, IN in this undated photo. This engine was rebuilt with a chopped short hood and now resides at a ADM grain elevator in Clarkfield, MN as ADMX 7586. Photographer unknown, Chris Howe collection
SWP 7576 is seen at Connellsville, PA on 11/13/98. Unit is ex CR 7576/CR 7056/PC 7056/PRR 7056
WW 7572 (CR 7572) & 1007 (CR 1007) are seen at Gore WV on 8/19/97.
WW 7572 is seen at Gore WV on 8/19/97. Unit is ex CR 7572/CR 7262/PC 7262/PRR 7262, which was built as a GP9 is 11-59.
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