Surviving SDP45s

6670 6-30-06 Roanoke, VA. Photo by Kris Klemick
Rusty forlorn ex Conrail SDP45 6670 sits on a display track at the Virginia Museum of Transportation that sits next to NS' Roanoke Terminal in Roanoke, VA. Kevin Pratt photo with permission
SDP45 CR 6694 @ RMDI Pittston, PA

Former Conrail 6699,(then SP 8692; now UP 2678), leads a northbound UP train at Watseka, IL back in the summer of 2000. This engine, classed as a SD40M-3 after being rebuilt by VMV, was the last SDP45 aquired by the EL. So its history reads UP 2768, ex SP 8692, ex VMV 6699, ex NW 6699, nee CR 6699, nee EL 3668.

Photo by Chris Howe

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