Preservation Projects

The CRHS is dedicated to the preservation of Conrail artifacts. The biggest, and most obvious, is rolling stock, like our caboose, but we strive to keep the less obvious, but just as important pieces, such as signage and paperwork.

More on our other newer acquisitions coming soon!

Caboose 21165

One of our biggest accomplishments has been the acquisition and preservation of the Conrail N7E caboose number 21165. Our caboose was graciously donated to the CRHS and is currently undergoing restoration while still being used in revenue service at the Middletown and Hummelstown Railroad near Hershey, PA.

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Flatcar 715788

Our most recent acquisition is Conrail F41 flatcar #715788. This versatile car carried numerous open loads across the Conrail system. It will be undergoing restoration while in use on the Middletown and Hummelstown Railroad in Middletown, PA.

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Camp Car 62610

Our camp car was a bunk car which once housed track crews as they repaired and replaced track across the Conrail system. With the help of Norfolk Southern we were able to save this unique piece of Conrail history. It will be undergoing restoration at Topton, PA.

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Preservation of a MP242.7 Signal Head

Change on the Pittsburgh Line is a constant. With some generous help, the CRHS has preserved a signal head from the MP 242.7 signal bridge. This signal bridge sat just west of the world famous Horseshoe Curve, and was a fixture of the line from the early 20th century through the fall of 2009.

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The Preservation of the Berea Ohio Signals

As railroad technology changes, pieces of history come and go. The Conrail Historical Society, in conjunction with Norfolk Southern, has helped preserve the signals from Berea Ohio.

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The Preservation of the Pier 122 Sign

When the Philadelphia Port Authority began tearing down the Pier 122 Ore Pier, the CRHS swept into action and preserved the large sign that announced the pier's ownership to the world. This sign is now part of our collection, and is preserved for posterity.

Learn more about our rescue of the Pier 122 sign »

Preserving The Lucknow Rail Mill

The Lucknow Welding, Cropping and Dismantling Rail Mill has been a Harrisburg landmark. This plant assembled lengths of continuously welded rail that critical to Conrail's success. The CRHS has worked in conjunction with Norfolk Southern to preserve significant artifacts from the facility.

Learn more about our Lucknow preservation efforts »

Conrail Numberboard Registry

One of the more collectable pieces among railfans and equipment connoisseurs are locomotive numberboards. The CRHS is maintaining a registry of privately owned Conrail numberboards in circulation.

View the CRHS Numberboard Registry »

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