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Conrail's Chicago line stretched from Selkirk, NY to Chicago, IL and was an extremely important double track main in which the majority of its traffic from the western roads reached the New England states and the East Coast.  Included on this route were important terminal cities like Toledo and Cleveland, OH and Conrail's major classification yard in Elkhart, IN.  This busy route saw anywhere from 50-60 trains a day including a lot of foreign power from western connections with Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe and their predecessors.

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CSXT 6237 and 7689 lead TV207 at Porter, IN on May 9, 1999
CSXT 7792 and fellow GE powers ELBU-2 at Bryan, OH on April 2, 1999. Chris Howe photo
A Detroit Edison coal train with two U30Cs leading an SD40 passes through Berea less than a month after Conrail was formed.
A view looking into the engine service tracks at Frontier Yard.
At South Bend, IN Conrail shared trackage rights with the Grand Trunk Western for a mile a half thru town along the Chicago line, an arrangement that had been around since the GTW first built to South Bend in 1880. An example of that arrangement is here at MP 437 as GTW westbound freight behind GP40-2 No. 6422 (ex DT&I) rolls west through South Bend, in June 1998.  Doug Davidson photo with permission
KCS 745 and 716 lead a loaded UDM coal train at Elkhart, IN on August 2, 1996. This is the only time I ever saw KCS power on a powder river coal train.
Conrail Mail-8M with a LMS leader east of Kendallville, IN back in June 1996
A view of the west end of our Operation Lifesaver train at the Amtrak station in Cleveland with the Great Lakes Science Center in the background. NS 5342 was CR 8181. It's on what's left of the ex NYC Lakefront Chicago Line, now just a single track. The Cleveland Line can just be seen in the foreground, and that's the Cleveland RTA under the wires.
SOO 6018 and CP 757 power CR train ELTO-8 near Stryker, OH on December 18, 1998
SP 154 and a UP GE lead train NPSE at Bryan, OH on January 23, 1999
B36-7 5022 leads TV79 west on track 2 @ Memphis, NY
TV-9 westbound @ Hamburg, NY on the Chicago Line
TV14 approaches the Senica River @ Savanah, NY
UP 3439 and CNW 6881 leads train PREL -5 near Otis, IN on June 15, 1996. This train stalled out on the grade on the hill at Otis and needed a push to get going again. As you'll see in another shot, they took the two units off the following UDM coal train(ironically also UP powered) and had them couple up and push the PREL over the hill all the way to CP 463 in LaPorte.
UP 5996 leads a SP tunnel motor and a variety of CR units on BRPI-4 at the County Road 8 bridge, near Melburn, OH on January 24, 1999
UP 6181 and 3647 on the point of TV204 at Waterloo, IN on January 24, 1999
Train NPSE was a sure bet to have run thru UP power.
UP 7091 and 8035 lead empty coal train UTM just east of Bryan, OH back on February 28, 1999
UP 7139 and a NS GE leads ELBU-0 eastbound at Vermillion, OH on April 20, 1999. Chris Howe photo
Their pusher duty over, UP 9543 and CNW 8630 lead a loaded UDM Detroit Edison coal train at LaPorte, IN(CP 463) on June 15, 1996.
UP 9543 and CNW 8630, off a UDM coal train, performs impromptu pusher duty on the rear of PREL-5 near Otis, IN. These two units helped push the train all the way to CP463 in LaPorte, IN before running back engine lite to their train and continuing their journey eastbound. I remember how much this move surprised me and at the same time, made me wonder for a second if I wasn't in Pennsylvania instead of Indiana.(taken June 15, 1996)
WC 6601, 6650(a rare F45), and 6630 lead train ZAK-161 east of Ligonier, IN on August 2, 1996. The ZAK iron ore trains ran from the WC to a steel plant in Middletown, OH and lasted only a few months on Conrail(May to October) in 1996 before CSX was awarded the contract from the steel plant for this business.
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