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Conrail's Chicago line stretched from Selkirk, NY to Chicago, IL and was an extremely important double track main in which the majority of its traffic from the western roads reached the New England states and the East Coast.  Included on this route were important terminal cities like Toledo and Cleveland, OH and Conrail's major classification yard in Elkhart, IN.  This busy route saw anywhere from 50-60 trains a day including a lot of foreign power from western connections with Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe and their predecessors.

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CR 3202 and friends lead a westbound freight through the Maumee River bridge at Toledo, OH back in May 1990. Photographer unknown, Chris Howe collection
CRs first 2 winters were pretty hard. A Westbound passes thru deep snow at the East end of Goodman Street yard.
A coal drag arrives at the West side of Rochester. This area is known as Lincoln Park. There was a small yard here just out of the picture on the left. This was also where the CR salt train accessed Chessie rails, and where the old Falls Road Secondary joined the main.
While a N&W local freight waits its turn on the C&WI(Chicago & Western Indiana), a westbound Conrail freight with GP40's 3263 and 3165 on the point diverges from the Chicago Line at CP518, enroute to Ashland Avenue Yard in November 1982. Doug Davidson photo with permission
CR 3281, 6163, and a EMD on the point of PIBR-2 at Bryan, OH on April 2, 1999. Chris Howe photo
MGL with GP40-2 3283 on the point passes under a signal bridge in Elkhart, IN on August 2, 1996
Conrail GP40-2 3292 is seen leading a stack train on the Chicago Line in upstate New York
TV-24 rolls thru CP-359.
An eastbound Conrail freight with 3314 on the point is seen from the Route 20 bridge at Rolling Prairie, IN, in November 1981. Doug Davidson photo with permission
Conrail train BUEL-1X with GP40-2 3332 in the lead passes under the CP 367 signal bridge at Waterloo, IN on January 31, 1998
Conrail GP40-2 3361 is leading a westbound TV train at Dunkirk, NY
BRSE-5 with 3364 on the point at CP463 LaPorte, IN on June 15, 1996
Conrail GP40-2 3371 is seen leading a pair of other Geeps on an eastbound stack train at the Amtrak station in Depew, NY
Conrail GP40-2 3371 is seen trailing on an eastbound TV train at Derby, NY
Conrail GP40-2 3381 is seen leading a westbound stack train across Montezuma Swamp near Fox Ridge, NY
In this November 1981 scene, Conrail GP35 No. 3621 and U23B No. 2754 lead an eastbound freight at Hudson Lake, IN. Doug Davidson photo with permission
A GP-35 and 2 U-25-B's are working hard with an Eastbound coal train.
3 GP-35s and a B23-7 are at the service tracks in Rochester. This set of power was probably for the salt train that ran down to Caledonia on Chessie System trackage rights.
An Eastbound is led by an ex RDG GP-35 and a PC GP-40.
A pair of ex EL GP-35s are working on a ballast train.
A Westbound freight is stopped on the main just East of the Rochester yard awaiting its turn to get time to work the yard.
Not very good quality, but worth scanning, since it is a pair of ex EL GP-35s on a Westbound at Goodman Street.
3689 leads EL 2584 & PC 5313 with a Westbound freight that is working Goodman St. Yard.
ML-1 has a green signal at Goodman Street Yard after working the piggyback facility. The track on the left was the West lead into the piggyback terminal at Rochester.
A couple of ex EL GP-35s are on a ballast train. The track work is in progress on the other side of the bridge.

Chicago Line - Burns Harbor, Indiana, USA
SD80MAC 4100
A pair of Big Blue's MACs bring eastbound traffic past the then-Bethlehem Steel plant in a view off of US 20 sometime in 1997.

Conrail SD80MAC 4101 and fellow 80MAC leads a westbound freight at Bryan, OH back in late winter 1999. Jason Hall photo, Chris Howe collection
Conrail ELPI-5B with a pair of SD80MAC's, including 4106 on the point, at Waterloo, IN on May 25, 1996. This was my first ever shot of the then new 80MAC's.
Conrail 4134 leads this light engine move at CP127.9 on track number one on Conrail's last day of independence
Conrail SD-70MAC's 4137 and 4134 lead ML-403 westbound on Track 1 through Northeast, PA.
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