CR 6559 on HBCH-2D in Altoona PA, 2/92

CR 6559 on HBCH-2D in Altoona PA, 2/92


Pittsburgh LineAltoona, PA
United States
40° 29' 51.5292" N, 78° 25' 43.4496" W

Pittsburgh Line - Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
February 02, 1992
C30-7A 6559 on HBCH-2D
A pair of Conrail motors brings military vehicles from the Middle East theater home on a Harrisburg to Chicago move. The train is seen here climbing the East Slope at the Brickyard, with the Altoona skyline looming in the background.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

Photo By: 
Don Kalkman III
Photo Date: 
Conrail Road Number(s): 
CR 6559
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