Surviving SW1500s

Probably the most well known switcher from the Conrail roster, the 121 EMD SW1500's were a 1,500 horsepower variation offered by EMD. Inherited from the PC, RDG, IHB and IU, all but five (which were retired and sold in 1982-1984) made it from 1976 to 1996 when a few were retired and sold off to regionals and/or shortlines.

In 1999, the fleet was divided between Norfolk Southern and CSX. Those assigned to NS were renumbered into the 2200-2242 series, while CSX allocated units became 1069-1099. CSX has since traded theirs to LLPX in exchange for higher horsepower road units, and as of mid 2009 NS has begun retiring their fleet of this venerable switcher.

A grab shot of Akron Barberton Cluster RR 1502, ex Conrail 9602, exx IU 24, on a short excursion train on former Erie rails in Kent, Ohio on July 4th, 2009. You would never know this area was a large rail yard at one time. The ABC serves a couple of customers located along this former EL line from Kent to Ravenna, Ohio. The local is based out of the former AC&Y yard in Akron and uses ex ACY and original Wheeling lines to get to Kent. It's also my understanding the two NKP passenger cars are the last of their type in existence.
This former Conrail SW-1500 has become the property of the Akron Barberton Belt Line in this October 1982 view. This unit, along with the 9601- both ex IU units- still operate as Akron Barberton Cluster RR 1502 and 1501.
Former CR 9533 is at Cumberland, MD on 7/10/99. It later became LLPX 223.
Former CR 9572/PC 9572 is at Cumberland, MD on 5/16/00. It was deleted 8-14-01, and became AMTK 541 - usually found shuffling cars around in Washington D.C.
Former CR 9608, built as IU 30, is seen undergoing some work inside the Juniata Terminal shops in Philadelphia, PA on 10/18/2009. Photo taken during the 2009 CRHS convention.
Former CR 9615, now owned by the Juniata Terminal as JTCX 9276, is seen on lease to NJT at Camden, NJ on 10/18/2009. Taken from the NJ Transit River Line during the CRHS 2009 convention.
Former Conrail SW1500s 9525 and 9528 are also owned by the Laurinburg and Southern, and are seen at Laurinburg NC in October, 2008
Former Conrail SW1500 9573 is seen painted for the Laurinburg and Southern in October of 2008.
Former CR 9506 is working the Millenium Rail car shops at Hollidaysburg, PA on 2/3/00.
Former CR/PC 9506 is parked outside the yard office at Hollidaysburg, PA on 9/10/00.
Former CR 9514 is seen at Enola on 10/18/08.
Former CR 9514 is seen with an NS unit shifting cars at Enola Yard.
Former CR 9514 is seen idling outside the diesel shops in Enola, PA on 5/10/2008.
Former Conrail SW1500s 9565 (NS 2222) and 9515 (NS 2205) are at Enola Yard on the evening of 3/24/04
Former Conrail SW1500 9532 is seen at Overview, PA on 6/8/2008
NS SW1500 2214 (ex CR 9532) is seen resting in a line of 5 SW1500s at Altoona's Juniata Shops on Sat, October 3, 2009 around 1:30pm. Note, this locomotive has Bloomberg trucks and appears to be marked "Pottstown" below the cab window.
Former Conrail SW1500s 9550 (2217) and 9543 (2216) lounge at Enola Yard on 3/23/2004
(ex-CR 9550/PC 9550) at Enola, PA on 5/11/2008.
Former Conrail SW1500 9552 is seen behind the E&M shop at Juniata, PA on 5/11/2008. The location and missing hood sections mean her days in blue paint are probably quite numbered.
Former CR 9552 is seen at Juniata with a missing hood section.
Former CR 9552 sitting on the small stub track next to the yard office in Hollidaysburg, PA on 6/18/02. It was deleted on 11-5-2010 and was sold to PRLX 2218.
Former CR 9552 parked next to the yard office in Hollidaysburg, PA on 9/10/00. It was deleted on 11-5-2010 and was sold to PRLX 2218.
Rear view of former CR 9552 parked by the yard office in Hollidaysburg, PA on 5/27/01.
Former Conrail SW1500 9562 is seen at Overview, PA on 6/15/2008
Former Conrail SW1500 9565 is seen at Enola Yard on 6/4/2004
Former CR 9567 is seen at Edgemoor DE on 3/23/08.
Former Conrail SW1500 9568 is seen after an incident at Camden, NJ on 8/25/2004
Former CR 9569 is seen at Enola PA on 10/18/08.
Former CR 9569 is seen at Enola PA on 3/26/11.
Former CR 9569, the Enola shop switcher, is seen idling at Enola, PA on 4/7/12.
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