Surviving SD60s

In 1985 Conrail bought the three EMD demonstrators from EMD, and later went back to the well 4 years later, in 1989, for another 25 standard cab units. The demonstrators were numbered 6840, 6841, and 6842, while the later order was numbered from 6843 through 6867.

In 1999, the fleet was divided between Norfolk Southern and CSX. Those assigned to NS were renumbered into the 6701 - 6716 series, while CSX allocated units became 8710 - 8721.

CR 6844, soon to become CSXT 8712, is at Connellsville, PA on 9/13/99.
CR 6849 is at Cumberland, MD on 7/4/99. Unit would later become NS 6706.
Former CR 6841/EMDX 4 is at Cumberland, MD on 10/17/99.
Former CR 6841/EMDX 4 is seen on CSX Q370-17 at Newark, DE on 3/18/14.
Former CR 6844 is seen on Q172-04 at Newark DE on 5/5/10.
Former CR 6844 is on an eastbound at Cumberland, MD on 1/25/00.
Former CR 6847 is at Piedmont, WV on 5/12/00.
Former Conrail 6850(CSXT 8714) and CSX GE leads Q389 just east of Deshler, OH at Roundhead Road on leap year day, February 29, 2004
Former CR 6850 is seen on CSX Q373-22 at Elsmere, DE on 3/22/2012.
Former CR 6850 & HLCX 8070 are seen leading K469-06 at Newark DE on 6/9/12.
CSX 8715 (CR 6851) seen on Q421 at Framingham MA.
Former CR 6856 is at Cumberland, MD on 10/28/00.
Former CR 6860 is at Cumberland, MD on 3/24/01.
Former CR 6860 is on the point of a westbound (conductor Mike Bobb) at Cumberland, MD on 9/13/02.
Former CR 6863 is seen on Q702-08 at Newark DE on 3/8/11.
Former CR 6863 is at New Castle, PA on 10/20/99.
Former CR 6864 is seen on Q702-18 at Newark DE on 3/18/11.
Former CR 6864 is on Q21611 at Aliquippa, PA on 3/11/01.
Former CR 6865 leads EB ethanol past Virginia Ave. Cumberland, MD 10/24/12.
Former CR 6865 is seen at New Castle PA on 5/16/02.
Former CR 6865 is seen at New Castle PA on 5/16/02.
Former NS 6701/CR 6840/EMD 1 is seen leading Q370-28 at Elsmere DE on 4/29/10. She was the first SD60 ever built back in May 1984.
Former NS 6701/CR 6840/EMD 1 is seen on Q373-02 at Elsmere DE on 7/2/11. Note the damage down the entire engineer side.
Still carrying a beautiful coat of Dress Blue, former CR 6843 is on stone train 67T at Edgemoor DE on 6/9/08
Former CR 6843 is seen on 37A at Newark DE on 7/2/12.
Former CR 6845 is seen at Horseshoe Curve, PA on 5/24/2008.
Former CR 6845 is seen leading NS H50 north on NS' Delmarva Sec at Newark DE on 12/7/12.
I took this picture NS 6703 (a former CR SD60, sorry I'm not up on all the unit number conversions) at UP's Bailey Yard in North Platte, NE on 9/14/2008. It is seen here in a lash-up just released from the locomotive servicing facility and heading to the east end of the yard. I assume that meant it was going to be put on a train heading east so the locomotive could be re-delivered to NS at Kansas City.
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