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Numbered 6358-6524, Conrail's SD40-2's were found system wide heading up trains of all varieties as well as working on helpers over the famous Horseshoe Curve on the Pittsburgh Line. Conrail acquired its SD40-2 fleet new from EMD in 1977, 78 and 79.

The SD40-2's had a feature unique to the road, the substitution of EMD's older Flexicoil trucks in place of the newly developed (and mistakenly believed to be flawed) HTC trucks that were delivered to all other SD40-2 owners.

In 1999, the fleet was divided between Norfolk Southern and CSX. Those assigned to NS were renumbered into the 3329 - 3424 series, while CSX allocated units became 8800 - 8889 where they still haul freight today.

A head on view of former CR 6453 is seen at Deepwater NJ on 6/20/10.
Former CR 6454 is seen on 37A at Marysville Pa on 10/3/09.
Former CR 6454 is at Rochester, PA on 2/11/01.
NS H76 returns to Allentown Yard past the power and crew for roadrailer 261 awaiting their train in the river pocket.
Former CR 6456 is seen trailing on 64J.
Former CR 6457 is seen at Altoona PA on 8-18-07. Photo by Dave Trenn
NS 3394, ex CR 6466, at New Haven, IN on June 27, 2009
Former CR 6468 is at Cumberland, MD on 6/23/99.
Former CR 6469 is seen at Conneaut OH on 9/2/07. Photo by Dave Trenn
Former CR 6474 (NS 3400) & 6445 (NS 3379) are seen at Newark DE on 3/5/13.
A roster view of former CR 6474 at Newark DE on 3/5/13.
NS SD40-2 3401, Ex CR 6475, takes a time out from its duties as yard shifter at Harrisburg, PA..
A veteran leader, with some western help, brings eastbund NS train 68Q (unit ethanol train) around the west leg of the wye at CP-PD, as she enters the Chemical Coast Secondary from the Port Reading Secondary.
NS 3403, Ex Conrail 6478, shifts the yard at Harrisburg, PA on a sunny late winter day.
Former CR 6478(NS 3403) at New Haven, IN on Jan. 18, 2009
Former Conrail 6478 (NS 3403) and a mixed bag leads NS 14J thru Waterloo, IN on Nov. 25, 2001.
NS/PRR SD40-2 3403 and SD60M 6805 sit at Indian River, DE
Former CR 6483 is seen on 36A at Newark DE on 4/11/10.
Former CR 6483 is seen on 36A at Newark DE on 4/11/10.
Former CR 6488 is seen on 12G at Newark DE on 9/1/10.
Former CR 6488 & NS 2501 are seen on 12G at Newark DE on 9/1/10.
Former CR 6488 & NS 2501 are seen on 12G at Newark DE on 9/1/10.
Former CR 6488 is seen hanging the right at Porter DE as its leads 12G south towards the bridge over the C&D Canal on 9/1/10.
Former Conrail SD40-2 6491 is seen at Harrisburg, PA on the night of 9/2/2004 with a set of CP SD40-2s on train 31J streaking past.
Former Conrail SD40-2 6495 is seen at Highspire, PA on 5/24/2008
Former Conrail 6495(NS 3410) at South Fork, PA on Oct. 25, 2008
Former CR 6495 is seen idling in South Fork yard on 10/25/2008. Photo was taken during the CRHS Altoona convention.
Former CR 6495 is seen at Altoona, PA on 5/26/2008.
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