Surviving SD38s

The SD38 quickly became Conrail's favorite for hump and yard duty at locations such as Stanley Yard in Toledo, OH, Allentown (PA) yard, Oak Island Yard in Newark, NJ and Elkhart, IN.. The fleet of 35 units (nearly half of all SD38's built, with Conrail now owning the most) were inherited from the Penn Central and were typically paired with MT4 and MT6 slugs. Conrail 6925 through 6959 was built in May of 1970. The non-turbocharged locomotives were capable of 2,000hp and carried a 4,000 gallon fuel tank.

In 1999, the fleet was divided between Norfolk Southern and CSX. Those assigned to NS were renumbered into the 3800-3820 series, while CSX allocated units became 2455-2467.

CR 6953, soon to become CSXT 2464, is at Locust Grove, MD on 7/8/99. Unit was mated to CR 1018.
Former CR/PC 6931 is at Cumberland, MD on 3/20/00.
An odd ex Conrail match up, former Conrail SD38 6942 and former CR B40-8 5077 are power for a CSX work train at Akron, Ohio in May 2007. The SD has received the CSX colors, but the B-boat has come to the roster late in life, having gone to the NS first as their 4808- IIRC the only CRQ painted B40-8 to be assigned to the NS.
Former CR 6944/PC 6944 is at Cumberland, MD on 3/22/00. Unit later went to Jamaica and became Kaiser Bauxite 5105.
Former CR 6953 is at Cumberland, MD on 7/9/1999.
Former Conrail SD38 6930 is seen heading east at Marysville, PA on 4/19/2008; bound for Allentown on train 33A
NS 3805 (ex CR 6930) 5-1-10 Enola, PA
Former CR 6930 is seen at Harrington DE 10/3/10. At this point in time, It is 1 of only 2 SD38's left in blue.
NS SD38 3805, Ex CR 6930, waits for servicing on the inbound at Enola, PA 3/5/11.
Former CR 6934 is seen at Enola PA on 3/27/10.
Former CR 6935 is seen on 965 at Harrisburg PA on 5/1/08.
Former CR 6935 is at Allentown, PA on 4/22/01.
Former CR/PC 6937 is working the yard with MT6 NS 974 at Allentown, PA on 4/22/01.
Former CR 6946 is seen at Cresson PA on 6/28/13. The unit has been sitting here for a couple of years now.
Former CR 6947(NS 3813) at New Haven, IN on Jan. 18, 2009
Former CR 6947 is seen in Enola Yard at Enola PA on 8/14/10.
Former CR SD38 6947 sits in Enola Yard awaiting it's next assignment.
Former CR 6947 is seen at Cresson PA on 6/28/13. Unit has been here now for a couple of years now.
Former Conrail SD38 6950 is seen behind the Juniata Shops on 7/7/2007, after some bozos tried to BBQ the poor girl...
Former CR 6952 is seen outside the Juniata Shops in Altoona, PA on 1/20/2012.
Former CR 6954 is seen at Enola, PA on 2/26/2012.
Former CR 6941 is seen at Port Clinton PA on 8/16/09.
Former CR 6941 is seen at Port Clinton PA on 8/16/09.
Former CR 6941, now working for the Reading and Northern, is seen here sitting at their Port Clinton, PA shops on 8/16/2009.
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