Conway Yard

CR's Conway yard was located northwest of Pittsburgh along the Ohio river.  This former PRR yard remained the largest railroad yard in the world from the time of it's expansion in the 1950's until 1980.

Late in the day at Conway in August, 1977, leased BAR GP9 79 waits for another assignment.
The power lineup at the Conway engine terminal has BAR GP-38 88 sandwiched between SD40 6297 and GP38 7913.

CN GP-38-2 5581 lined up between SD45-2 6656 and GP-35 3625 in the lines of power at Conway in August, 1977.  

The previous day, the 5581 was seen mixed in with other CR power pulling mixed freight through Altoona.


A three-unit engine move at Conway in August, 1977 includes CR blue GP38 7832, leased CNW GP35 826, and SD45 6078 (ex-EL 3613).

Two autoracks loaded with new Ford Pinto's on the next track gives historical perspective.

A 1983 shot of the hump at Conway shows the massive spread of yard tracks needed to handle the traffic flow through big blue's biggest yard.
A view of Conway Yard's eastbound hump in 1983 shows power and cabins laying over between assignments and servicing.
A great overview shot at Conway in 1983 that still only manages to show a small portion of the yard. A cabin is on the retarders as a hump set sits in the background, note the blue Conrail buses in the bottom right.
An overview of Conway Yard in July, 1989
The locomotive deadline at Conrail's Conway Yard hosts among other locomotives, a PC&Y switcher on September 27, 1994. Units that can be identified in this photo are 7518, 2358, 3688, 2198, 2191, 2261, and 3644. Doug Davidson photo with permission
A sign proclaiming Conway's busy nature.
A rare shot of the inside of a yard tower in Conway, circa 1983.
Conrail SD38 6942 (ex-PC 6942) is seen with MT6 1122 (ex-CR 6877, exx-PC 6877, nee-PRR 8677) at Conway Yard in 1983,
Looking west at Conway, an endless sea of freight cars and blue diesels.
A hump crew gathers up a couple of cabin cars at East Conway. SD38 6941 is paired with MT-6 #1124, the former Penn Central RSD-12 # 6856. It survives today as NS RPU6 #859.
Conrail SD38 6943 (ex-PC 6943) is seen with MT6 1126 (ex-CR 6816, exx-PC 6816, nee-PRR 8616) in this 1983 shot from the Conway Yard tower.
Conrail GP15-1 1659 is seen trailing on a set of light power at Conway Yard in 1993.
Conrail B23-7 is seen leading a set of power west through Conway Yard in 1993.
A pair of ex MGA Super-7s lead an Eastbound out of Conway Yard.
CR C430 2049 (ex-RDG 5212), one of only two ex-RDG C430's, lined up with CR C424 2474 (ex-PC 2415) at Conway in August, 1977.

Nothing but ALCo's in sight at the Conway engine terminal in August, 1977!

All of the major predecessor roads except CNJ are present with ex-RDG C630 5791, ex-PC C425 2442 and C430 2058, ex-LV C628 6734, and an ex-EL RS-3 huddlled around the turntable. Sadly, the whitelined LV C628 shows the signs of being cannibalized for parts.

Conrail class N5B caboose 22856 is seen at Conway Yard in 1983, shot from inside the yard tower.
Former PC GP35 2365 and SD40 6321 at Conway in August, 1977.  The autoracks are loaded with new 1977 Ford Pintos!
Conrail 239845 is seen at Conway Yard. Car is ex CR 238236/PRR 125323.
One of 15 ex-PRR RS-27's, CR 2401 rests at the Conway engine terminal in August, 1977.

Amidst a sea of power at the Conway engine terminal, CR C425's 2416 and 2446 wait for assignment.

Former Alco C425's 2416 and 2446 represent the first and last of the 31 ex-PRR series.  

CR 21656 N7A and ex-PC 19324 N5 cabooses rest in the foreground.


Alcos, including C425 2418, filled the Conway roundhouse in August, 1977.

Late in the day, CR C425 2428 rests with ancient SW-1 8515 at the Conway roundhouse in August, 1978.
CR blue C425 2429 (ex-PRR) rests at the Conway engine terminal in August, 1978.
CR C425 2433 works with SD-40-2 6410 at Conway in August, 1977.
CR C-425 2439 rests at the Conway engine terminal, partially obscured by a crew's Ford pickup.
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