This gallery shows many of the Conrail system yards including Allentown, Ashland Ave, Bayview, Chrysler, Conway, Croxton, Enola, Frontier, Goodman Street, Hollidaysburg, Meadville, Midvale, Morrisville, Niagara, Pavonia, Rose, Selkirk, Spring Street, Stanley, Willow Run, and Windsor Street yard.

Former Reading Company yard near King of Prussia, PA.
Conrail's Ashland Ave yard was Conrail's primary yard in the Chicago area.  While mostly used for intermodal trains, this yard originated several transfer trains and local jobs.  It was also referred to as the "CJ" or Chicago Junction based on the name of a predecessor company that originally built the yard.
Located northwest of Pittsburgh along the Ohio river, this former PRR yard remained the largest railroad yard in the world from the time of it's expansion in the 1950's until 1980.

Located on the west bank of the Susquehanna River, across from Harrisburg, Enola Yard was a key Conrail facility. It served as a main classification yard located at the convergence of a number of lines.

The former New York Central Goodman Street Yard is located in Rochester, NY.
Former PRR yard and engine service facility located in Balitmore, MD.
Former NYC yard known as being home for GE's U-boats in the earlier years of Conrail.
A 1981 view of the dead lines at East Altoona in 1981. Among the cars pictured are H54 covered hopper 890415 and ballast hopper 51734, The turntable and foundations of the old East Altoona roundhouse are seen behind the lines of stored cars. East Altoona was once the largest roundhouse in the world, servicing as many as 350 steam locomotives a day. It was closed in early 1968 and demolished that year.
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