Conrail owned 60 of this 3,000 horsepower dynamic brake equipped model from GE. All were of New York Central heritage and Penn Central ownership and were built between December of 1966 and December of 1967. The last of the fleet was retired in 1983 and while a number of units were scrapped, several managed to escape to serve on various shortlines, some of which may still exist.

BICR-8 has just resumed its eastward trek toward Croxton Yard after making a NYS&W setoff. Note: The shatterd window in the door!!!
TV-16 hustles south through Haworth, NJ 4/16/78
Conrail power was no stranger to P&LE's Gateway yard in Struthers, Ohio, a holdover from the days of NYC control of the P&LE. Power off the New England Bow coal trains could often be seen here, including this example of Conrail U30B 2830, Boston and Maine GP-18 1750, B&M GP-9 1719, and a Conrail U23B. Little remains of the P&LE today.
Conrail leased many units from Precision National Corp in those first couple of years to help it through the power crunch. Here in Akron, Ohio a pair of CR U30B's have a pair of PNC geeps between them as they back up to their train on the former EL. In order : 2831, 545, 562, 2881.
A pair of U30-Bs and an RS-11 are on a Westbound freight at MP 390 in Bergen. 2831 has the old NYC herald showing thru on its nose.
A close up of 2831 with the NYC herald showing thru on the nose. It also has a CR blue battery box door under the cab.
Still showing the white sill stripe from its NYC days.
U30B 2832 and a bunch head east along Muddy Pond in Washington, MA in August, 1979.
A U30-B leads TV-77 up the hill out of Hornell on the line to Meadville.
CR 2834 at Marion, IN on May 9, 1981. Kevin Nelson photo with permission
U30B 2834 with a westbound along Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. in August, 1979. The small concrete structure near the front of the locomotive once supported a water crane, there's another on the opposite side of the tracks.
A lonely CR U30B 2843 sits surrounded by Alcos at the Conway yard turntable in August, 1977. The autoracks in the foreground appear to be loaded with new Ford Pintos.
Behind lead SD45 6103, SD35 6051 (ex-CNJ 2512) and U30B 2843 smoke it up at Croxton yard in August, 1979.
CR U30B 2844 is third in line in a quartet of black and blue power at Morrisville in November, 1979.
CR U30B 2844 pulls through Morrisville yard in November, 1979.
Former PC 2844/NYC 2844 in storage at Rutherford, PA on 12/30/1984.
Former PC 2844/NYC 2844 is seen in storage at Rutherford, PA on 2/4/1984.
Conrail 2845, a U30B, heads for the engine facility on April 5, 1981. Kevin Nelson photo with permission
CR 2845 at Avon, IN on April 5, 1981. Kevin Nelson photo with permission
Running second in a quartet of CR blue U-boats, U30B 2846 moves through Morrisville in June, 1979.
CR B23-7 1905 leads U30B 2846, U25B 2512, and U33B 2901 in a quartet of GE units through Morrisville in June, 1979.
PC GP35 2323 leads CN GP38-2 5518 (later renumbered 4718), CNW GP30 812, CR U30B 2847(ex-PC), and an ex-PC SD45 with a mixed freight entering Enola yard in July, 1977.
CR 2850 leads four more GEs on NG-3 at Becon NY in 1977.
A pair of GEs hustle an Eastbound thru the tiny village of Adrian. The view along the tracks is wide open at this time. Now it is grown in with trees.
2855 shows its NYC heritage, and that EL geep looks a little bent.
PC U30B 2855 showing NYC emblem and Selkirk home base rests outside the Juniata Locomotive shops in August, 1977.
PC U30-B 2857 is the third unit of a quartet of CR power pulling piggybacks toward the Curve in August, 1977.
A U30-B leads an empty hopper train.
CR 2865 is being turned around on the loop track at Avon Yards on Nov. 24, 1979. Kevin Nelson photo with permission.
A Westbound departs Hornell and will pick up the train orders that are on the forks at the the station. The 2nd unit is a green ex RDG GP-35.
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