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The Conrail C40-8W, a new generation in crew comfort locomotives. They were the first units bought new equipped with air conditioning, and the last units to come from the factory without ditch lights. The C40-8W's, numbered 6050 through 6285, began the era of grade crossing safety in the 1990's. 6110-6112 and 6114-6119 were equipped with strobe lights while 6113 was equipped with a strobe light and at one point had two sets of ditch lights mounted on the short hood end.

The "Comfort Cabs" sported the new reflective white frame stripe and nose lettering. The second order, beginning with 6100 wore the companies new CQI, Continuous Quality Improvement scheme. 6050-6149 were painted solid Blue from the factory, while the remaining units were given black anti-skid nose panels on the short hood end

The locomotive was built with the standard 2 piece front windshield and a 3 piece side window without sun visors. The side windows are among the largest, however, only the center pane can be opened.

Conrail C40-8W 6148 is seen trailing on an eastbound freight as it rolls onto Rockville Bridge at Marysville, PA in 1992.
C40-8W 6150 was the "display unit" at the third annual "Chester on Track" festival at Chester, MA. on May 22, 1993.
Conrail INGR-0 at Ingalls, IN on May 20, 1996. Note the CNW EMD and GE trailing the 6150
CR 6150 is seen on CSX G165 at Cumberland MD on 2/3/98.
Conrail C40-8W 6151 is seen powering a CIR circus train with the James Strates Carnival Train in tow at Columbia, PA in July, 1998. JB Kerr Photo
HBBU-9 is departing Newberry Yard for it's destination of Buffalo, PA on a cold day in 11/1994 behind C40-8W 6152.
HBBU-9 passes CP-River in Nesbit, PA with C40-8W 6152, SD60M 5528, and GP38-2 8059 back in 11/1994
HBBU-9 is pulling into Newberry Yard off the ex-NYC Corning Secondary. "Lousy angle for sun, but back then I didn't care.. Getting a daylight move into Newberry was a feat in its own.." C40-8W 6152, SD60M 5528 and GP38-2 8059. November, 1994

Pittsburgh Line, CP Banks - Marysville, Pennsylvania, USA
February 27, 1994
C40-8W 6153 on MAIL3X
A chilly afternoon sees a westbound MAIL heading through Banks Interlocking. Just try to shoot here nowadays!

TV10B enters the block at CP 140 and sets off the signals, one of which is visible through the windshield of the 6155.
Conrail C40-8W 6156 is seen leading a westbound ballast train at Warrior Ridge, PA in 1993.
CR 6157 leads TV6 on the flats in Hinsdale, MA. on Sept. 26, 1998.
Conrail C40-8W 6157 is seen leading an eastbound freight into Horseshoe Curve in 1993.
TV-2 departs East Conway after a crew change.
Conrail C40-8W 6159 leads Eastbound TV-12MX on Conrail's Cleveland Line in Alliance, Ohio.
CR 6160 & 6127 are seen on the DP&L lead at Edgemoor, DE on 3/27/98.
CR 6162 & 6066 are seen at Edgemoor DE on 1/18/98.
Conrail C40-8W 6163 is seen leading a westbound freight at Cresson, PA in 1993.
The 6164 has TV10-B in tow at Ballou's in Washington, MA. at 06:51 on the morning of March 25, 1998.
DADN -8 westbound at MP 143 Hankins, NY "NEW" 6166,6153 ans 6140 are the power
DADN-8 rolls west @ Pond Eddy, PA
DADN-8 ( Doreamus Ave-Detroit North yard) hustles west through Pond Eddy, PA
A Westbound roars out of one of the Gallitzin tunnels.

A lone C40-8W leads a ballast train through McVey PA.

A westbound Conrail freight with the 6169 on the point going past the classic NYC signals at Delta, OH on March 12, 1996. These signals were replaced not too long after this picture was taken.
CR 6169 is on the point of SEAL at Bear Mountain, NY 9/1996
Minus a ditchlight (he's still legal), CR 6170 looms through the gloom at CP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. at 06:26 on Aug. 20, 1993 with TV10.
Westbound PIEL-3A with the 6171, a couple of CP SD40's, and some other EMD's on the point pass the old grain elevator at Bryan, OH on January 23, 1999
CR 6171 and 5578 powers coal train UKC at Bryan, OH on October 21, 1997. This train was a unit train of PPLX coal hoppers heading west to an unknown destination(hopefully not the scrap heap!).
CR 6172 & 6789 are seen on CSX rails at Cumberland MD on 12/22/97.
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