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The Conrail C40-8W, a new generation in crew comfort locomotives. They were the first units bought new equipped with air conditioning, and the last units to come from the factory without ditch lights. The C40-8W's, numbered 6050 through 6285, began the era of grade crossing safety in the 1990's. 6110-6112 and 6114-6119 were equipped with strobe lights while 6113 was equipped with a strobe light and at one point had two sets of ditch lights mounted on the short hood end.

The "Comfort Cabs" sported the new reflective white frame stripe and nose lettering. The second order, beginning with 6100 wore the companies new CQI, Continuous Quality Improvement scheme. 6050-6149 were painted solid Blue from the factory, while the remaining units were given black anti-skid nose panels on the short hood end

The locomotive was built with the standard 2 piece front windshield and a 3 piece side window without sun visors. The side windows are among the largest, however, only the center pane can be opened.

OIBU-2 westbound at Arden, NY with eight flats of NY City Subways headout for Morrison-Knudson @ Hornell
A eastbound Conrail freight with the 6087 on the point at Waterloo, IN back in 1996
Conrail C40-8W 6088 brings up the rear of a westbound light engine move at Cresson, PA in 1991.
UNC210 passing MP "JC 337" in "the Muck" at Arkport, NY.
UNC210 passing through an area known as "The Muck" in Arkport, NY. on May 7, 1993.
Engineer of UNC210 throttles 'em up along the Canisteo River in Rathbone, NY. on May 7, 1993.
Conrail 6090 is at Conrail's "AY" West Yard (Ashtabula, Ohio)
At 12:45PM this pair of GE products lug 134 cars of freight southbound for Edgemoor, DE. Trailing unit is CR 6035.
Photo taken with permission. At 1:40PM CR 6090, along with CR SD60M 5526, move 75 empty bathtubs northbound through Wanamaker Yard, destined for West Brownsville, PA. The train will enter SEPTA trackage at CP-90th Street North where it will stay until it heads for CSX at Eastwick on their Philadelphia Subdivision. It will then continue eastbound to Park Junction and home rails. At CP-River on Conrail's Harrisburg Line XCG-66W will turn left and head west to Reading, Harrisburg, and the coal mines of western Pennsylvania.

A westbound rolls out of Allentown Yard with a Dash 8 leading. This was more than likely ALHB.

CP-Burn MP35.0 CR Reading Line

CR 6091 is seen on CSX rails at Cumberland MD on 4/6/98.
Conrail C40-8W 6092 is seen leading a westbound freight at Tyrone, PA in 1992.
Leaving Becket and making a quick run up to the south end of the big cut in Washington, MA., we catch BOSE 10 minutes later at 07:38.
Brand new C40-8W #6094 leads this westbound freight at MP128 on Conrail's Chicago Line ~ track number one.
CR 6095 is seen along WE 1745 inside the Juniata Shops in Altoona PA during Railfest on 10/5/97. The W&LE SD45 was in for contract work at the time due to multiple problematic issues.
CR 6095 is seen on CSX Q317-05 at Cumberland MD on 3/5/98.
CR 6097 eastbound at Rochester, PA on 2/7/1998.
Conrail C40-8W 6098 is seen trailing on a CSX coal train at Cumberland, MD in 1992.
The 6098 leads TV6 at MP 142 in Hinsdale, MA. on April 20, 1996.
At 1:25 on this Thursday afternoon this Harrington, DE-based local heads northbound on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor with 54 empty hoppers for Dyers Quarry. Trailing engine is CR SD40-2 6510. The train weighed in at 1,728 tons.
Conrail C40-8W 6099 is seen leading a westbound empty coal drag at Tyrone, PA in 1992.
Conrail C40-8W 6100 is seen leading a westbound TV train around Horseshoe Curve in 1998.
CR 6101 is seen at East Conway PA on 2/7/98.
C40-8W 6101 leads TV9 along Muddy Pond west of MP 138 in Washington, MA. on Aug. 28, 1993.
CR 6101 is seen on CAPI-9 at Antis, PA on 8/20/98.
PIAL5 heads east through Longswamp with a couple Dash 8's as power. MP22.5 CR Reading Line
Conrail C40-8W 6104 leads Westbound BUPI-3 on track four through Ashtabula, Ohio near MP 126.7
CR 6104 is seen at Cresson PA on 7/30/97.
Conrail C40-8W 6104 and SD40-2 6388 lead the auto rack train coming by the detector at MP 196 on the Buffalo Line.
Conrail 6105 & 6047 are on Westbound Cone BUEL-7 @ CP127.7 at Ashtabula , Ohio on Trk# 1
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