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During the 1970's, EMD was turning out a very successful and reliable Dash-2 line (GP38-2, GP40-2, SD40-2). General Electric, in an effort to gain lost ground, introduced an improved Dash-7 line which proved to be a huge improvement over the earlier U-Boats. Between 1977 and 1979, Conrail purchased 141 of the twelve-cylinder 2,250hp B23-7's. They continued on to new owners, NS and CSX, in 1999.

CR 1917 is seen at Shiremanstown, PA on 5/18/1991.
CR 1918 leads a mixed bag 6 unit lash-up on westbound tonnage at the "new location" in Becket, MA. on Aug. 19, 1980.
TV-10 southbound was one of the TV's routed off the Southern Tier after the closing of Croxton Yard in 1981/82
Conrail B23-7 1919 is seen in a light engine move heading west through Bennington Curve in 1982.
Conrail 1919 B23-7 Morrisville,PA
ENBU-2T is screaming up the straightaway past the weigh in motion scales @ McElhattan, PA with B23-7 1920 and U23B 2705 back in April of 1990
A new B23-7 already has a broken window as it rolls a Westbound across the Portage Bridge.
CR 1923 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 5/11/1983.
CR 1925, 2838 & 2507 are seen leading WV-2 at Bogota NJ in Aug of 1978.
B23-7 1926 in an eastbound in Huntington, MA. in April, 1979.
CR B23-7 1928 leads SD40 6316 (ex-PC 6063) past the Morrisville yard tower in June, 1980.
CR B23-7 1928 leads SD40 6316 (ex-6063) past the Morrisville yard tower in June, 1980.
CR B23-7 1929 at JLS in Altoona, PA on April 1st, 1994 (no joke)! Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.
CR 1931 leads a 5 unit set of B23-7's on eastbound tonnage crossing the townline from Hinsdale into Washington, MA. along the north end of Muddy Pond on New Year's Eve 1979.
Just over a year old, CR B23-7 1932 sits in lines of ancient and aging black and blue power at Enola's engine terminal in August, 1979.
Led by the ubiquitous 1933, the track geometry train heads westward near MP 138 in Washington, MA. Oct. 7, 1997. This train was the third part of a "hat trick" accomplished this day, along with an OCS301 and CIR501.
An abbreviated track geometry train, led by the usual 1933, passes Capitol tower in Harrisburg, PA. on Aug. 22, 1985.
Just track geometry car 21 was along for this trip, instead of the usual 3 or 4 cars.
CR C36-7 6639 leads GP-40 3053 and B23-7 1933 through Allentown yard in December, 1988.
CR C36-7 6639 leads GP-40 3053 and B23-7 1933 through Allentown yard in December, 1988.
CR B23-7 1933 at JLS in Altoona, PA in fresh quality paint on January 21st, 1994. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.
Track geometry train TEST731 westbound through East Brookfield, MA. on Jan. 25, 1988.
Track geometry train, led by "the usual suspect", rounds the curve just east of the summit of Washington hill in Hinsdale, MA. on March 19, 1987.
Track geometry train, symboled TEST300, eastbound behind the "usual suspect", 1933, in Huntington, MA. on May 20,1991.
The "usual suspect" has TEST731 in tow near MP 81 in Palmer, MA. on Jan. 24, 1988.
A Conrail Track Geometry Train behind B23-7 No. 1933 is tied up near the main line fueling racks at Elkhart, IN, in June 1993. Doug Davidson photo with permission
Track Geometry Train North @ Iona Island...... St. Patrick's Day 1990
CR 1933 pulling the test train TES-501 at CP 412 in Goshen, IN is westbound as the eastbound OCS-502 with an Operation Lifesaver special prepares to make the turn and head down the Marion Branch on June 24, 1998. Note that they are using NS' track test cars a year before the merger. Dan McDonough photo with permission
Conrail B23-7 1935 is trailing on a westbound empty coal train at Cresson, PA in 1991.
Conrail B23-7 1936 is in charge of a westbound empty coal train as it passes MO tower in 1991.
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