52' Gondolas

The 52' gondola was the mainstay of Conrail's gondola fleet, hauling everything from scrap and slabs to finished steel coils. Unlike some other car types, Conrail's thirst for gondolas remained steady throughout the entire life of the railroad. Big Blue bolstered its gondola fleet throughout the years by rebuilding old cars into the G52M, G52N, G52P and G52Q classes, and also purchased used gondolas from roads like the Rock Island, P&LE, Bethlehem Steel, MKT, MP, and the DT&I.

Class 120G was constructed by the NYC Despatch Shops in 1967, totaling 450 cars.
Class 130G was a group of 250 cars built by the NYC Despatch Shops. The cars originally carried the AAR designation GBS and were intended for hot slab use for Bethlehem Steel at either their Lackawana or Burns Harbor Works
The PRR built 2900 G31 class gondolas at Altoona between 1948-1951. In 1951-52, the PRR also began building gondolas in subclasses G31A through G31E, which had wood floors instead of steel. Some cars in the G31D class were built with covers, extended sides and covers, or fitted with skids and hoods for steel coil service (as were some G31E cars). Rebuilds of G31 through G31E classes yielded the G31F - G31M classes.
Former PRR cars
The G35 class was built by the PRR at Altoona in 1952-53, totaling 1900 cars. Several hundred were rebuilt from 1969-73 into the G35A class.
ex PRR
The G47's were built as PC 564950-565449 & 580100-581099 by Fruehauf during 1971 & 1972. CR 564950-565449 ex PC 564950-565449 were built with wood floors while CR 580100-581099 ex PC 580100-581099 were built with steel floors. 150 G47's were rebodied and reclassed as G52N's. 190 cars originally built with wood floors were rebuilt with steel floors and renumbered CR 581100-581199 & CR 585100-585189. Even more cars were renumbered, this time into the 600000 series for steel coil loading only.
CR 581700-582283 series
CR 582284-582669 series.
CR 584000-584098 ex Rock Island 400000-400299 series. Cars built by Thrall in 1971. Cars aquired by CR in 1980.
The G52K class of Berwick-built cars was purchased in 1990 from a mixed bag of Bethlehem Steel roads: the PB&NE, P&BR, and Beth Steel in-plant roads.

Class G52M (CR series 587000-587249) were rebodied from class GE52H (EL series 44100-44599) gondolas by the Hollidaysburg, PA car shops in 1992.


CR 587700-588249 series were rebodied from G47 class gons by Holidaysburg between 1992-1993


Class G52P (CR series 588250-588649) were rebodied from various G43 classes by the Hollidaysburg, PA car shops in 1993 and 1994.

Class G52Q (CR series 587300-587519) was rebodied by the Hollidaysburg, PA car shops in 1992 from Class 120G gondolas (NYC 720000-720449 series).

CR 584701-584789 series are from D&H 14501-14596 nee LV 40000-40099 series. Cars were built by Bethlehem Steel in 1970. Acquired by CR from the D&H in 1989.
Originally built as RDG 38800-39099 and originally assigned CR 579394-579693 series. Some GR52C's were renumbered throughout the Conrail gondola number series as various cars were either rebuilt or retired.
CR 585000-585099 series are ex DT&I 9600-9799 series gons. Cars were built by Thrall in 1971.
CR 585700-585949 series was built by Trinity in 1998. In 2006, the lease on most cars was terminated and returned to lessor, Bombardier Capital Rail Inc. Since being returned, these cars have carried TR, NRLX, UP & ATW reporting marks. There are 40 cars still carrying CR marks that have not been returned to Bombardier.
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