From the run-of-the-mill 50' flatcar to unique pieces like the one-of-a-kind FD2 "Queen Mary", Conrail had a very interesting and diverse flatcar fleet. Learn more about them in this gallery.

Class 888F was a group of 200 flatcars built by Pullman Standard in 1960 as NYC 506000-506199.
16 F33 class cars were built in 1938 by the PRR and were given the series PRR 470080-470095. The cars had a capacity of 125 tons.
F36A's were rated at 152 tons capacity, built by the PRR in 1940-41.
The F40 class consists of one 12-axle depressed-center flatcar, built as PRR 470250.
700 class F41 flat cars were built and were given the PRR 469300-469999 series.
Former PRR cars
Former PRR cars
Former PRR cars
Former PRR cars
The F42 class consists of 20 cars, formerly numbered PRR 470251-470270.
The F43 class consists of only 6 cars built as PRR 470271-470276.
The F47 class consists of 25 flatcars built by GSC, formerly numbered PRR 480350-480374.
The PRR built 10 F49 flatcars in 1965. These cars had a 95-ton capacity and were equipped with removable floor beams and floors to accomodate large loads.
The FD1 class consists of only 9 cars built as PRR 470236-470244.
The FD2 class consists of one 16-axle depressed-center flat car, built as PRR 470245.

Former EL cars built by Maxson Corporation in June 1974 with a 99-ton capacity.

Conrail's class FE51D was a group of 100 cars built for the Erie Lackawanna by Magor in the summer of 1969.
Conrail 702256 is seen at Duncannon, PA. Car is ex PC 702256.
Conrail 702704 is seen at Temple, PA. This is an ex-New Haven car they originally used for TOFC service.
CR 725327 (ex CR 757530, built 10-62) is seen with wrecked CR 369302 (class X73, ex PC 369302, built 11-72) at Hollidaysburg, PA on 8/28/93.
Car is seen here in September 1994 carrying wrecked tank car CONX 2316.
Seen here in June 1994.
CR 727008 is seen at Allentown, PA
Conrail 766083 is seen at is seen at Rochester, PA. Class 126F was a group of 4 cars built by the NYC in January, 1968 with a 200-ton capacity.
Conrail 766083 is seen at Rochester, PA
Eight axle depressed center flat in a westbound at Cove, PA.
Conrail 766225 is seen at Temple, PA. Class on this one is either a 126F or FE53E, can someone confirm?
Car is ex MDAX 2328; would later go to NS.
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